We turn raw steel into precision components

Thanks to our state-of-the-art development and machining tools, our many years of experience and our highly qualified employees, we can find a solution for your most complex tasks. We don’t just supply parts: we go with you the whole way, from consulting and development through to assembly. Innovation is our strength. You can rely on our expertise.

Precise forming technology — high manufacturing depth

As one of the leading companies for forming technology, every year we produce over 40,000 tons of ready-to-install precision forged parts, flanges, fittings, subassemblies and system solutions. Our range of offerings and services extends from product development and production through to logistics. Our engineers rely on state-of-the-art development and simulation tools to solve highly complex tasks.

The individual forming processes are coordinated by the FEM system so that the required tools are never subjected to excessive loads — resulting in cost-effective manufacturing of the highest quality. With our broad range of offerings and high in-house production depth, we supply a wide variety of industries: in particular, the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors, as well as the construction industries for valves and pipelines, roadbuilding, mining and tunneling.

Developing with innovative ideas

Components, modules, systems, assemblies: our engineers puzzle out the most complex of challenges using state-of-the-art development and simulation tools. In close communication with our customers, and keeping the entire value chain in mind, we work out sophisticated concepts, streamlined processes and opportunities for cost savings.

Designing with a vision

Design and toolmaking go hand in hand. This ensures the high quality of our design services. The FEM system coordinates the individual forming steps to minimize the loads on the tools required — resulting in a production process that’s both extremely precise and economical. The production tools are created onsite in our tool shop.

High-precision forging

Parts between 0.5 and 15 kg are produced on fully automatic press lines by hot forging. We also create complex pieces – precisely, without burrs and very close to the final contours. Controlled cooling and heat treatment give the steel the desired properties.

Finishing with finesse

Post-processing of these high-quality precision parts is part of our comprehensive range of services. For this purpose, we have high-tech machining centers onsite that can complete all the machining tasks necessary with the required precision. Depending on the specifications, the finishing may be carried out in multiple processes. If desired, we can also process any additional parts, such as flanges and fittings.

Assembly on fully automatic equipment

We produce 2.5 million assemblies per year, incorporating into our high-quality forgings all the necessary add-on pieces – whether made by us or customer-supplied. The assembly lines are individually designed for the parts being built. Every step is fully automated, right through to the final inspection by image processing. Our reliable project management system oversees the entire arc of manufacturing. For large-scale projects, we’re also prepared to invest in new equipment for high-performance series production.

Coordination, on-demand storage, global shipping

We manage all project tasks for our customers, both internal and external. Products are shipped individually according to customer specifications and to all countries worldwide, as desired.

We take responsibility for our future

For centuries, the Black Forest has been home to forging technology. And it’s also our home. We take seriously our responsibility to preserve it for future generations and contribute to sustainable development.

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