23. January 2023

Precision forging components manufacturer Richard Neumayer GmbH piloting the industry into a greener future

According to the World Steel Association, steelmakers not only produced 1.86 billion tonnes of steel last year, but also generated over 3 billion tonnes of CO2, equivalent to 7-9% of all greenhouse gas emissions. If the steel industry were a country, it would rank third in the world in terms of carbon dioxide emissions, between the USA and India. As steel is an indispensable material in many areas, the question is how to bring the industry in line with our climate protection goals? NEUMAYER is determined to contribute to this and already has a track record of developing solutions to this problem. Building on its 150-year history as a leader in forging technology and the manufacture of steel parts, the company’s innovations not only strengthen the industry, but also prove that “green forging” is possible. Dirk A. Neumayer, co-owner and Managing Director of NEUMAYER, says: “Climate protection is our guide. With our energy-intensive company, we have many opportunities to make an effective contribution to limiting global warming.” As a 5th generation family business with over 420 employees, NEUMAYER forges, manufactures and assembles high-tech steel components for the automotive and industrial sectors. Although the processing of steel and the protection of the climate seem to contradict each other, NEUMAYER shows that there are many ways to process steel while protecting the climate. In the film, which was made as part of the “VISION2045” campaign, Dirk A. Neumayer, Andreas Harter and Larissa Doll talk about the developments at NEUMAYER.

Precision Forging Components Manufacturer Richard Neumayer GmbH Piloting the Industry into a Greener Future | Reuters


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